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Freight transport



Curtain semi-trailer

Internal length 13620mm
Internal width 2480mm
Internal height 2750mm
Curtain semi-trailers certified to EN 12642 XL and with additional reinforcement
500-DaN compliant lashing straps, rubber mats and plastic corners for secure fastening
Side, front or top loading
GPS tracking function


Internal length 13480mm
Internal width 2460mm
Internal height 2650mm
Refrigerated semi-trailers with temperature settings from –25°C to +25°C
All semi-trailers have pallet boxes with 33 Euro pallets for exchange
4 crossbars for cargo securing
GPS tracking function


The choice of vehicle for transporting goods is one of the most important factors in logistics. It determines the speed, cost and safety of delivery. Multi-modular freight transport uses several modes of transport. This type of transport is excellent in that it allows the customer to achieve the most cost-effective and/or fastest option for transporting goods. 

Our transport specialists will always make a proper assessment of which mode of transport will be the safest and most financially advantageous. Establish an accurate schedule for cargo transportation and ensure that it is adhered to. They will draw up precise transport schemes and deal with force majeure cases professionally and quickly. 
The choice of intermodal vehicles is mainly determined by:
Long distance
Heavy and/or bulky cargo


We provide quality warehousing services throughout Europe. Our most important task in warehousing is to find out the needs of our customers and to take into account the specific nature of the goods to be stored. We are responsible not only for ensuring cargo safety, but also for proper cargo maintenance and storage conditions, as well as for the seamless preparation of cargo for export, transportation or transfer to the point of sale. 

We offer high quality warehouses that ensure safe unloading and loading, meet all safety standards and provide the necessary storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products.
After analysing the needs of our customers, we provide the following comprehensive warehousing services:
Checking (weighing, measuring, assessing the quality of packaging)
Repackaging and packaging
Storage of different sizes of goods
Local and international transport
Customs formalities

We have many years of experience in logistics, which ensures that we take care of the cargo without any major problems. We take full responsibility for every load that comes into our hands.

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