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We pay particular attention to the safety of the cargo we transport and the quality of our service. With a quality and safety management system that meets high standards, continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and training, and control over the entire logistics process, we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely, on time and intact.


On average, we convey more than 18,000 full freight loads (FTL) per year across Europe and Scandinavia. We have many years of experience in transporting a wide range of specific goods (fast moving consumer goods, electronics, food products, etc.) and can therefore offer our customers a very high quality freight transport service.


The choice of vehicle for transporting goods is one of the most important factors in logistics. It determines the speed, cost and safety of delivery. Multi-modular freight transport uses several modes of transport. This type of transport is excellent in that it allows the customer to achieve the most cost-effective and/or fastest option for transporting goods.


We provide quality warehousing services throughout Europe. Our most important task in warehousing is to find out the needs of our customers and to take into account the specific nature of the goods to be stored. We offer high quality warehouses that ensure safe unloading and loading, meet all safety standards and provide the necessary storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products.

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